ACCEL [ Apache CloudStack Certification Exam by LPI-JAPAN ]

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ACCEL exams are delivered as a computer-based exam, around the world in thousands of secure Pearson VUE testing centers.
All the steps for taking an exam to earn your ACCEL certification are outlined below.

Step 1: Get an EDUCO-ID

Your EDUCO identification number (EDUCO-ID) allows us to load your exam results into your account. You'll also need it when signing up to take your exam.
Registration of EDUCO-ID is completed here at the LPI-Japan web site.

Register for an EDUCO-ID

Step 2: Schedule to Take an Exam

Visit Pearson VUE to schedule your exam online at one of thousands of global testing centers.
You will need your EDUCO-ID number to schedule. If you do not provide your EDUCO-ID, your exam may not get loaded.

Once you have located a convenient Pearson VUE center, you may schedule to take an ACCEL exam either online or by phone.

Exams through Pearson VUE

Step 3: Take the Exam

Exam results

Results are available immediately for computer-based exams at Pearson VUE. Results will appear in your candidate account within a few days.

Receiving Your Certification

Once you have passed the exam, you will be automatically notified by email, at the email address you provided when you obtained your EDUCO-ID.
If you have not received such an email within 2 weeks of passing the exam, please send a message to us.
In your message, please state your EDUCO-ID and the date(s) and locations at which exams were taken.
Within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving this email, you will receive, by post, your paper certificate and plastic wallet card (Certification card).Congratulations!
When you pass "ACCEL", it means you are certified as "ACCEL Certified Professional".

Certificate and Certification card

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