ACCEL [ Apache CloudStack Certification Exam by LPI-JAPAN ]

Prove you can Deploy, Operate and Manage CloudStack!

What Is ACCEL?

ACCEL (Apache CloudStack Certification Exam) is a professional certification examination that certifies technical ability and knowledge of CloudStack, an open source cloud platform, from a neutral perspective.

The objective of ACCEL certification is to promote the cloud technology and increase the credibility of the IT professionals that they have the top job skills in this technology area by this certification.

Individuals certified by ACCEL can verify that they are professionals who possess the technical ability required to deploy, operate, and manage systems that use CloudStack.
In addition, by hiring the ACCEL certified professionals, the companies or organizations can assure that they have the business advantage in the technology area.

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Exam Overview

ACCEL is the certification program for IT professionals provided by the non-profit organization LPI-Japan in Japan and by EDUCO for outside of Japan to certify the technical ability and knowledge of Apach CloudStack properly and strictly from a vendor and distribution neutral perspective. 

ACCEL (Apache CloudStack Certification) is a qualification certification for engineers involved in CloudStack system.
CloudStack system is commonly used and the number of company is increasing each year relying on the system.

This exam adopts "Ver 4.4" as the standard version of CloudStack, which is widely used in enterprise systems.

The ACCEL certifies an engineer that the individual has the following skills.

  • Skill of designing, deploying, and implementing a CloudStack system.
  • Skill of improving, operating and managing a CloudStack system with consulting ability.

Advantage of being certified as ACCEL Certified Professional

This proves that a certified professional has the following skills and knowledge.

  • Knowledge of Apache CloudStack
  • Can design and deploy a CloudStack based system
  • Can operate and manage a CloudStack based system
  • Is familiar with the internal structure of CloudStack
  • Can optimize the performance of a CloudStack based system
  • Can verify the use and condition of a CloudStack based system
  • Can troubleshoot a CloudStack based system

Suitable for

  • Engineers who work at cloud service providers, and system integrators
  • Engineers who work at the enterprises that deploy, operate, and manage private cloud systems
  • Training in-house IT professionals and individuals responsible for the development and operation of an organization's service infrastructure
  • People in charge of ITsystems who are considering the migration of their organization's internal IT infrastructure onto a cloud platform
  • Individuals wishing to advance their careers as cloud infrastructure engineers
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